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    Forum Rules

    This is a forum dedicated to the communication of information regarding lost and found dogs.

    Only BD&D members can post here but if a non-member would like to post information about a lost or found dog then please contact the administrators via the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and we'll assist you with posting the news.
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    I guess for basic info:
    If you lost a dog (or know of someone who has) please post:
    1. State where dog was lost.
    2. Town/County where dog was lost.
    3. Date dog went missing.
    4. Breed and Sex of dog
    5. Coloration
    6. Distinguishing Marks or Characteristics
    7. A picture (if you can)

    If you found a dog:
    1. State where dog was found.
    2. Town/County
    3. Date dog was first found
    4. Breed and Sex of Dog
    5. Any tag info other than the dogs name.
    Potential owners of lost dogs should provide you with a description or picture.

    Lets hope this has some benefit.
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