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Thread: A BIRD DOG rescue organization

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    Here's another one that operates out of the Toledo, OH area. My wife and I have met the people who run this one a couple times times and they're a good organization. They don't have their own website. They list through the Pet Finder site. The link below is for their page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thornton View Post
    That's the kind of heads-up I look for on a site like should be permanently front and center some place and not lost in the mix.
    Perhaps a "sticky" (God I hate that word) at the head of the Bird Dogs forum.
    Thats a great idea. I was thinking along the same lines during the day (when I shoulda been thinkin work stuff).

    How about modifying the Lost n Found to "Lost, Found and Rescue" ?? Then we can work on an "underground railroad" type of assistance program.

    "Rescue" can work both ways. When someone can't take care of an animal anymore, (health, eviction, divorce, job loss, etc ...) they can post on that same board.

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    Good idea, Peter.

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    Great ideas. Thanks.

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    Not to bad mouth them at all, but...

    I tried to deal with this organization one time and never got any response. They had an old setter named Mo (fourteen years old) and I wanted to adopt him. E-mailed them twice...but nothing. I know they are handling a lot of dogs and all. Has anyone ever had a correspondence with them or any luck adopting a dog?


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    We foster for thos rescue from time to time. The lady that runs it is a hunter and trials her dogs.

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    There is a good basis for rescuing dogs:

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